Noise & Light Pollution

Transparent neighbor Fullerton College refuses to call the installation of a press box, 4,417 bleacher seats, Six (6) LED lighting towers (guzzling 80,000 watts of electricity/hour) and Twelve (12) sets of loudspeaker arrays at Hal Sherbeck Field a stadium. Why?

    • Sherbeck Field Improvements is code for a noisy Stadium that will permanently ruin the darkness, peace and quiet the surrounding neighborhoods have enjoyed for nearly 70 years.
    • After spending $592,565 for the first environmental impact report (EIR), and not getting the desired outcome, Fullerton College and the NOCCCD have authorized an additional $181,190 for a second EIR study separate for the Sherbeck Field Improvements (a.k.a. Stadium)– this clearly spells out the uncaring college’s true intent for the field improvements: Outside Rental & Profit.
    • As of 10/09/2018, NOCCCD board members awarded Fullerton College an additional $150,000 to complete this environmental report, now bringing the total in consultation fees to a staggering $923,755.
    • Shouldn’t the college spend surplus money on the students? What about spending it on increased benefits for overworked adjunct faculty? How about instead of building a costly stadium, offering more needed classes for students? Lower textbook prices? Higher salaries for teachers and staff? Reduced parking fees?
    • Why all of a sudden does the college need 4,417 seats and permanent lighting to teach Physical Education courses and where all the home football games are played during the daytime?
    • Why is this project now being called a necessary classroom?
    • This is unacceptable, and those who live and own homes nearby (and be most affected by the ‘field improvements’) say enough is enough.