Director of Facilities | Fullerton College | Larry Lara

“I’m the one that maintains the field.” – Larry Lara

Larry Lara and an associate pander to the concerned public regarding the Sherbeck Field Improvements at the Scoping meeting held on campus May 1, 2018. Mr. Lara could not answer some simple budgetary questions posed that evening.

Questions posed 5/1/2018 to Mr. Larry Lara, Director Facilities/Physical Plant Fullerton College:

What are the projected maintenance costs?

Larry Lara: “Well, since we’re not looking at a big increase, we’re not looking at additional costs.”

What are the costs now?

Larry Lara: “Well, that’s a good question- unfortunately, we don’t have data, we just have campus wide, we don’t have it drilled down to the field. We have an overall budget, but it’s not parched out by building, or field.”

Larry Lara (left) Director of Facilities/Physical Plant Fullerton College.

Larry Lara: “The goal for rentals is to keep pretty close to what we have. That’s the goal.”

Larry Lara (center), Director of Facilities/Physical Plant and an unidentified woman at the public scoping meeting held on campus. No new information was learned at the meeting that was not given out in the initial study. How much are the yearly maintenance costs of Sherbeck Field Mr. Lara?

Larry Lara: “I can just share that right now what we’re looking at the proposed use is not that different from what we’re using it now. That’s what we’re, that’s the goal.”

Larry Lara (right), Director of Facilities/Physical Plant Fullerton College with DLR Architect Leigh Anne Jones (AIA, LEED AP BD+C) at the Sherbeck Field improvements project public scoping meeting held on campus May 1, 2018

What happens to the turf field after the 8-year warranty is up? Are there plans to put in a new one?

A: “There’s no plans to install a new one yet.”