Majority of City Council Applicants Reject Fullerton College Stadium Idea

A recent public forum for an open seat on the Fullerton City Council revealed that over 90% of the candidates oppose a stadium at Fullerton College (forward video to 1:40:30 for responses), or click HERE to read the transcript.

The majority of candidates believe the $10.1 Million Fullerton District Stadium can and should be shared between the two schools. It is the best thing for the community. Fullerton College is a community college after all. It’s finally time the college works together with the high school and community of Fullerton to make the District Stadium FC’s home field for football and soccer matches.

This would best serve the community in every possible way.

A quick reminder that the administration of Fullerton College has now spent $923,755 in consultation fees alone to bring this stadium and other taxpayer bond-projects to life. Why is the stadium so important to the college when the field’s own namesake Hal Sherbeck knew a stadium at Fullerton College would cause undue noise, traffic and hardship to the adjacent quiet neighborhoods. Please help put an end to this madness. Contact Us Today

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