Significant and Unavoidable Impacts: Sound and Light Pollution

The Draft EIR for Sherbeck Field Improvement project was released today (May 15, 2019). Please review the study here: Sherbeck Field Draft EIR

The public has 44 days to comment on this report. Please familiarize yourself with this study and if it doesn’t sit well with you either, you must TAKE ACTION NOW!

Write your concerns, (there should be many), and submit them IN WRITING no later than June 28, 2019 to:

Mr. Richard Williams, District Director, Facilities Planning and Construction

North Orange County Community College District

1830A West Romneya Drive

Anaheim, California 92801-1819

Expensive sound study conducted by Fullerton College- very conservative noise predictions for sounds that will be generated from Fullerton College’s Sherbeck Field. If you truly believe a public address system blaring and a crowd of 4,500 screaming and cheering fans only generates 75 decibels on the field, we have a bridge to sell you.

Write why you oppose such a project- whether it’s noise, light pollution, traffic, loitering (before and after games/practices), crime, etc. Also mention there are 2 perfectly good + usable stadiums (FUHS and CSUF) that are both available for use by Fullerton College. This stadium at Fullerton College is nothing but a feather in the college’s cap. This is not a ‘nighttime classroom’, like the college wants you to think (giving them exemptions from CEQA law, and local noise ordinances). This is a full-blown stadium that will be used to its fullest and maximum rental potential!

Think of your children sleeping when the college turns on the 80,000 watts of LED lights and opens the stadium to any school or organization (Hope International, Rosary H.S., etc.) who will begin sporting practice at 6 a.m.

 Is this the best use of taxpayer money? What happened to the Veteran’s Center that the college promised in the Measure J literature?

Your neighborhood’s peace and quiet will be forever ruined by the installation of a stadium at Fullerton College’s Sherbeck Field. This is fact, and we must fight to keep the college from building this project- whatever the cost.

Remember that the field’s very own namesake coach Hal Sherbeck did not even want a football stadium at Fullerton College, because he (coach Sherbeck) knew how much a stadium would negatively impact and ruin the peace and quiet of the adjacent neighborhood.

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