Fullerton College Desires Noisy Stadium at Sherbeck Field

Fullerton College wants to build at Sherbeck Field a 4,500 seat football stadium for nighttime student instruction.

That’s ridiculous!

Any reasonable person would not want a noisy, brightly lit football stadium to be built anywhere near their home, and certainly not 80 feet from their backyard.

Good alternatives to building a third stadium exist-

• The $10.1 Million newly renovated 6,700 seat Fullerton District Stadium at FUHS. This state of the art football stadium can be seen from Fullerton College and is located right across Lemon Street- just steps away from the college’s campus.

• Cal State Fullerton’s Titan Stadium– (cap. 10,000) built for a football program that no longer exists. A stadium that was only finished/completed because of Fullerton redevelopment funds. Why can’t Fullerton College and CSUF work together on a reasonable shared use agreement for that field’s use?

FCNAC (Fullerton College Neighborhood Action Council)/F.U.FC is a 500+ strong (and growing) group of angry and concerned neighbors & homeowners and we are legitimately Fed-Up with Fullerton College. Fed up with their lies, non-transparency, administrative bloat and disregard for their neighbors- actual families and real people with small children who would have to live with the permanent increase in noise, light pollution and car traffic this unnecessary stadium would certainly bring.

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Noise & Light Pollution

‘Transparent’ neighbor Fullerton College refuses to call the installation of 4,500 bleacher seats, Six (6) x 100′ LED lighting towers and a P.A. system at Hal Sherbeck Field a stadium. Why?

    • Sherbeck Field Improvements is code for a noisy Stadium that will permanently ruin the darkness, peace and quiet the surrounding neighborhoods have enjoyed for nearly 70 years.
    • After spending $592,565 for the first environmental impact report (EIR), and not getting the desired outcome, Fullerton College and the NOCCCD have authorized an additional $181,190 for a second EIR study separate for the Sherbeck Field Improvements (a.k.a. Stadium)– this clearly spells out the uncaring college’s true intent for the field improvements: Outside Rental & Profit.
    • Why all of a sudden does the college need 4,500 seats and permanent lighting to teach Physical Education courses?
    • Why is this project now being called a necessary classroom?
    • This is unacceptable, and those who live and own homes nearby (and be most affected by the ‘field improvements’) say enough is enough.

Newsletter: January 2018

Fullerton College’s Sherbeck Field EIR Scoping Process Resumes January 2018

Hello Neighbors,

First off, thank you for the time and effort you have contributed–signing petitions, going to meetings, sending letters, making phone calls–to protect our community in this ongoing battle to stop the construction of a stadium on Sherbeck Field. If you are one of the 500+ residents who shared your email address and signed the petition asking for Fullerton College NOT to build a stadium, you will receive our monthly newsletter, which will provide important updates and announcements.

As many of you may have heard, Fullerton College is planning a separate EIR for the stadium in January. In fact, they hired a company to do a sound study on December 15, the last day of class (pictured below–notice how empty Berkeley is). According to public records, FC has authorized an additonal $181,190 on a study specific for Sherbeck Field ‘Improvements’.  This “piecemeal” process diminishes analysis of the cumulative impact of all FC projects taken together.

Despite the amount of signatures against the 4,500 seat stadium more than doubling since the 2009 fight, Fullerton College and the NOCCCD trustees are still pursuing these plans.

Our stance is that a stadium on FC’s landlocked campus will not only be a waste of taxpayer money, it will also exert too great a negative impact on our neighborhood.

Therefore, we are pursuing an honest and committed attempt to find a workable joint-use solution to accommodate college football play at FUHS, which is less than 1,000 feet away from Fullerton College’s Sherbeck Field.

We need your help.

Pressure from the public does make an impact on those who can influence these decisions.

  • Email Board Trustee Jeff Brown (jbrown@nocccd.edu) and send letters to the Fullerton Observer to spread the word to other residents.
  • Contact Chancellor Oakley’s office through his assistant, Karen Gilmer,  at kgilmer@cccco.edu or by calling (916) 322-4005.
  • We are working on yard signs to display around our neighborhood.

Also, stay tuned for the announcement of the Fullerton College EIR meeting date. We will need as many people there as we can get!

Fullerton Observer…

– Stadium: Little Truth in What Fullerton College Says


Fullerton College is downplaying impacts and spreading several falsehoods in their effort to justify building an unnecessary football stadium eighty feet from quiet neighborhood homes. Most infuriatingly, the perfectly usable and newly renovated Fullerton District Stadium exists less than 1/4 mile from the Fullerton College campus. We don’t get it. Why such disregard for real lives of thousands of people? Our fact-checking reveals:

It’s a HUGE STADIUM.  The college conveniently neglects to mention their plan to build at Sherbeck Field 4,500 bleacher seats, six 100′ lighting structures, and a mega-watt P.A. system. Also, the college has gone into hiding with respect to its planned field use policy, outside school use, and/or other sports teams who may wish to use the field.

The “need” for a stadium is not supported by reasonable facts. The college already offers sufficient physical education courses to provide the 1 unit credit necessary for a student to gain an AA or transfer to CSU schools. Further, the purported $100k/year savings (amount college would save by having a stadium of their own) is a totally false argument. Why spend $67,000 per year on bleacher rentals when there’s the beautiful, $10 Million renovated FUHS 6,700 seat stadium available for a fraction of the cost? The actual “savings” the college claims would be just $35,100 per year.

Doing a separate EIR for the stadium isn’t good for Fullerton. In fact, it’s illegal. This is because California environmental law requires all aspects of development projects be evaluated. By analyzing the stadium separately from the Measure J projects, the college could falsely under-represent the impacts of the Measure J projects. This is because impacts from the stadium (traffic, noise, trash, light, etc.) won’t be included. Further, it means the cumulative impacts of all projects together will be harder for the public to assess.

Recent legislative changes DO NOT prevent community colleges from playing post-season at high schools. It merely requires easily provided modifications to goal posts and hash marks on the field. A quick online search found adjustable goal posts can be purchased for $5,400. Certainly, Fullerton College can implement these easy modifications to preserve the quality of life for thousands of people.

The college has NOT strived to be a good neighbor. It’s a well-documented fact that the college has been a horrible neighbor over the years. One need only look at the ongoing parking, traffic and trash problems in surrounding streets. The massive, ugly, zero-setback North Lemon parking structure. The 2009 attempt to build a stadium without CEQA review. False invocation of veteran support in Measure J. The list goes on and on. Now, despite formal objection from over 500 neighbors (and growing), the college still wants to build a giant, unjustified, noisy, light polluting, quality-of-life destroying stadium next to a quiet residential area. That’s not neighborly or caring.

According to Bob Singer, Fullerton High School Board Member,  “The high school has been consistently supportive of working out a shared arrangement with Fullerton College for joint use of the (high school’s) newly renovated stadium.”


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